Peter Rein's Cane Sugar Engineering


is directed at active practitioners in the cane sugar and ethanol industry. This includes

  • mill engineers,
  • process
  • production managers,
  • design engineers and
  • students.


Size 17 x 24 cm, 943 pages

ca. 450 Figures, 205 Tables

4Color printing


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ISBN 978-3-87040-167-2


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Rationale for Cane Sugar Engineering


Cane sugar engineering and technology texts currently used are out of date and do not include most of the developments in technology in the last 25 years. Other texts available are generally oriented towards the sugar chemist, without adequate information for the practicing technologist.

Peter Rein's Cane Sugar Engineering

contains useful information of a practical nature for design and/or the operation of sugar mills. Sufficient background information and theory is given for an understanding of all the practical aspects. Sources of further information are given for more theoretical background. The text is comprehensive covering all aspects of cane sugar and related operations and processes provides an up to date source of information for those involved in all aspects of cane sugar processing.